About LaToya

LaToya Watson was born on a cold winter day on February 16th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the first child of Floyd and Shirley Watson.  She has one sister named Yalonda and one brother named Langston.  She also has two precious daughters named Gabrielle and Harmony.

LaToya is a radical dreamer, visionary, and genuine person.  She loves to travel, fish, cook, read, and of course write.  LaToya was inspired early in life to become an author by her parents who always stated LaToya  was a very creative writer, and that has always stuck with this budding author.

Also, having a loving and supportive family helps her pursue her passion for writing.  Over the years LaToya has written poems, and short stories strictly for the entertainment of family and friends.  LaToya draws her inspiration from a place of deep passion, commitment, and joy to reaching out to young children.

Among her years of experience, she is also a member of the Chicago Writers Association and the Wisconsin Writers Association.